We coordinate the entire process: Inspection-standard cleaning.

Corporate Cleaning

…To us it's a breeze.

Our highly experienced cleaning team have the skill and equipment to clean all corporate areas - big and small, including;

  1. Medical centres
  2. Business and Government offices
  3. All public common areas
  4. Window cleaning

Our cleaners are flexible, so we will come at a time that best fits your business needs. We are always efficient and thorough - providing a detailed clean every time, and offer incredible value for money.

Phone us on 02 6255 7962 to find out how we can help you.
Receive an obligation free quote in two days or trial our services to see for yourself.

Carpet and Curtain Cleaning

We ‘steam’clean only to real estate agent specification and we guarantee our work. Just check out our quotes with the so called "Big Names".
We have:

  1. Powerful extraction equipment - super clean, fast drying and de-odorising
  2. Special upholstery and cleaning facility (curtains done on location)
  3. Portable equipment for difficult access locations
  4. Environmentally friendly service for those who really care
  5. Service seven days a week

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Okay, I like the look of Attention-to-Detail Cleaning but what can I really expect with regular cleaning?
A: In most cases, you'll be offered a complimentary courtesy visit by the detailer selected to look after your cleaning. This gives you opportunity to become acquainted and, more importantly, to explain your priorities, where you keep cleaning equipment and chemicals and where to find the likes of power points. This is where you set the ground rules and open the way for easy communication along the way.

Q: We're a busy family and sometimes there are some beds to be changed. Is this okay?
A: A2D has comprehensive guidelines for our people to follow but we will be flexible in meeting your special needs. Routinely, you should expect thorough work from a detailer who is reliable and punctual and who will attend to such detailing as microwave interiors, TV and computer screens, interior windows and sliding glass doors. If there's some dishwashing or clothes to be hung on the line - no problem! All we ask is adequate time to do the job well and changing linen, no problem!

Q: Who supplies the cleaning products and how do I pay?
A: Our pricing is based on "pay-as-you-go" to your detailer directly and assumes that we use your products. Most clients have preferred products but your detailer may recommend a specific brand if it will do the job better.

Q: We have a security system. Is this a problem?
A: No. But you should take advantage of the courtesy meeting to ensure its operation is fully explained. A2D is not responsible for accidental call-out charges. And, please entrust your detailer with a key - don't take the risk of 'planting' one under the mat!

Q: What about my privacy?
A: We undertake not to divulge your personal information to anyone other than the detailer selected to look after you.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Charges vary according to the work involved. Why not contact us now - or better still, give us a ring on 02 6255 7962 (BH) and we'll be happy to talk it through with you?